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We are an expert visa consultant focusing on providing quick and hassle free services. With a team of dedicated and diligent immigration experts, Amarain Migration is here to take care of all your Immigration needs..

The UAE is one of the world’s leading corporate hubs, making it an ideal place to set up a new business. With the government offering a supportive and structured environment for foreign investors to succeed in, the UAE is an attractive option for many different types of businesses.

A trade license is the most important document you need for company registration in the UAE. There are four types of trade licenses available: professional, commercial, industrial and tourism. The one that’s best for you is dependent on the nature and the location of your business.

Obtaining a visa can be a tricky process but our team at Amarain Migration is on hand to guide you through the process. We will help with the application, review all your documents, assist in getting all the necessary clearances from regulatory authorities and submit the application for you.

We provide a PRO service that covers all professional document clearing services, including applying for a business license, trademark registration, passport clearance, and immigration processes. Using our PRO service will save you time and allow you to focus on running your company.

For most commercial and legal procedures in the UAE, specific documents issued by the government have to be submitted. However, originals may not be needed as long as there are copies that have been duly attested. We have the professionals in-house that will do the attestation for you.

We offer a comprehensive range of labor and immigration services. Our team at Amarain Migration will help you take care of administrative tasks such as labour permits for resident workers, the termination of job contracts, medical examinations and Emirates ID services, and much more.

The skilled people who want to migrate have to apply for Skilled Migration Visa that is generally based on the skills or education background of the applicant. The visa helps to target the skilled people who want to make their career in different countries and like to make contribution in that country’s economy.

A Schengen Visa is the document issued by the appropriate authorities to the interested party for visiting/travelling to and within the Schengen Area. The Schengen Area is comprised of 26 countries that have agreed to allow free movement of their citizens within this area as a single country.

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